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Here are some common questions asked about Ground News

What is Ground News?

Who owns and operates Ground News?

Does Ground publish any original news?

How does Ground decide what news stories to show me?

How can I see news that’s relevant to my country?

Where does the news on Ground come from?

How does the rating system on Ground News work?

Does Ground have a political agenda?

How can I see less ads?

I have a suggestion. How do I give it to you?

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How do I subscribe?

Why am I not getting password reset emails?

Want to know more about Ground?
How do I subscribe?Ground News Subscriptions are purchased through our Website or through the Apple App or Google Play Store's in app purchasesSubscribe NowFor more information about features available from Ground News, or for information on how to purchase or cancel the subscription, please visit the Subscriptions page. For issues in activating or using your subscriptions please see our Subscription Troubleshooting page.