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Try out Ground News Bias Checker. Whenever you read a news article, our browser extension will show you who else is covering the same news story and compare how other sources from all across the political spectrum are reporting on it.

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No resource you find will change that. But Ground News gives you the power to make up your own mind. This isn’t another commentary or alternative news source.Available on

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Where are the reliable news sources? Whether your routine is to check in on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or do a Google search, Ground News can uncover bias in your news feed.

Understand inherent bias and find the right resources with Full Coverage

  • Color coded bias indicators: blue to red
  • Percentage scores for left (liberal) or right (conservative) bias in news stories
  • Headline comparisons between all major news platforms

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Get access to the stories and content you care about. Sort and filter by interests, location, people and specific news media outlets.


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Our article browser comes with powerful filters that help you discover which publishers are reporting from where.

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"If only everyone could have this extension automatically applied to all of their browsers when they view online news; and before they share wild stories on social media platforms.”

Chrome Store - Sep 15, 2020

“Excellent way to get multiple perspectives on an article without having to browse a million sites or using a feed.”

Firefox Add-ons - Sep 24, 2020

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